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10 Subtle Small-Home Staging Hacks


10 Subtle Small-Home Staging Hacks

1. Hide it away. Box up anything smaller than a football that’s not used daily.

2. Take doors off their hinges. The farther the eye can see, the better.

3. Ditch the heavy drapes. Your house will feel brighter and seem larger.

4. Use only one color. Matching paint to furniture gives the impression of more space.

5. Be a little basic. Rein in colorful patterns and cluttered walls.

6. Boost your bulbs. Go for the highest possible wattage throughout your home.

7. Cut the rugs. Limit to one or two spots, such as under your dining table.

8. Add mirrors. They brighten dark rooms and make small spaces seem bigger by reflecting natural light. 

9. Clear the corners. Open corners extend the buyer’s view, making a space seem larger.

10. Raise the bar … of your shower curtains and window treatments, that is.



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